Safety evaluation


The Evaluation of product safety workspace was founded in 2009 and is providing evalutation of product safety according to following standarts as amended:

  • ČSN EN 50126,
  • ČSN EN 50129,
  • ČSN EN 50128,
  • ČSN EN 50159.

The evaluation runs according to the safety validation evaluation chart in two phases:

  • In first phase the evidence of safety processed by the manufacturer are reviewed from the very beginning of the life cycle of the product. In the end of the first phase the evaluator issues a report about safety evaluation, where he states the conditions for product operation verification allowance.
  • In second phase the evaluator monitors the results of verification operation in progress and in case of it´s sucessfull termination and positive evaluation the evaluator issues a final report about safety evaluation required for introducing the product to the transportation route according SŽDC directive Nr. 34. The mentioned reports are issued for generic or specific use of the product.

The structure of both types of the issued reports HBV Eurosignal (Evaluation of product safety Eurosignal) is in co-ordination of safety evidence acc. 5.1 ČSN EN 50129. The evaluation at HBV office is provided in accordance of Acknowledgement of Eligibility recognition of the product safety evaluator issued by state organization SŽDC (The Railway Infrastructure Administration).